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    (UPDATE January 2014: Stone Soup’s pilot went well (our old computer is still chugging along), so now the project is on hold while I see what direction to take it next.)

    A little problem with starting a support group for living on a shoestring while you’re, well, living on a shoestring, is that the basic costs of facilitating the program can be hard to cover.

    If you’d like to help with start-up funding for the Stone Soup support group, you can do so at this gofundme crowdfunding page.  My family and I are funding several projects there.  If you want to be sure your donation goes directly to Stone Soup needs, just note that in the comments and I’ll keep it separate from the other funds.

    Right now, my greatest need is for a reliable used computer, which I could buy on ebay for around $600.  (My family of three currently shares one 8-year-old miracle Macintosh.  We’re grateful, but there’s no telling how much longer the miracle will last.)  I’d love to be able to keep up with the members of Stone Soup, maintain a resource list, etc., without too much computer chaos.

    Any additional money raised for Stone Soup will go toward fliers and other publicity, and help defray utilities costs at the Hudson Valley Sudbury School, which is generously waiving their usual rental fee.

    Thank you!


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